I like food. I like hammers. I like bunnies.


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Nothing interesting here yet.

It took a great deal of thought, concentration, and wasted effort deciding how i would want to build my homepage. Literally, years of brain-wringing and other assorted nonproduction, and i am still not quite happy with it.

Effects heavy… or an attempt at elegant simplicity? Ponder.

i picked the latter choice being that websites today are not really designed for the vision impaired. Support Lynx friendly page development. So here is my attempt.

Oh well. i guess i am doomed to producing another mundane page just like everyone else’s out there on the GeoSepticNet. Grunt. i can accept that. For now.

Anyhow a little about myself. My name is Tijger. My favorite color is blue. i am somewhat color blind. i don’t have any pets right now but i did have a spotted puffer fish named Prickle. i HATE raw tomatoes, so don’t even think about trying to feed me any of them.

i am allergic to cats. i like mountain biking in the Manhattan madness. i don’t smoke. i do this really disgusting thing to make my friends stop smoking, which is turning the cigarette around so the lit end is inside my mouth, and blowing out the back so all the filter gunk and wet smoke comes spewing out. It is not working. However someone did throw up once on my shoes upon seeing it. Win some, lose some.

i socially drink and in moderation, but have a weakness for an occasional binge of Guinness. The Irish guys i used to work with think that is ethnically impossible. i find their reaction to it very amusing.

i am a mildly crazy, dull, and mostly harmless person. i am a closet Anglophile and am particularly vulnerable to friendliness.

This is where i work. It’s pretty cool. i like it. I make sure that the servers there don’t explode.

No, really. I also make sure that strange things are not growing inside or on them.

What else? i like soup. i like cheese. i like kitchen knives and potatoes.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Tijger Tsou

October 21st, 2008 at 1:22 pm

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