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Venture Brothers Season 4 Speculation

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I love vacation time- it gives me a breather to catch up with random silliness and stuff.

For those of you who have not seen it, The Venture Brothers is highly recommended, especially if you fit in that age bracket young enough to remember Jonny Quest reruns, but not old enough to take the actual episodes all that seriously.

Today’s post deals with one subject at hand- how season 3 ends, and some speculation about what awaits in season 4. So don’t click ‘read more’ unless you’re all caught up at this point.

So you’ve made it this far. One line that caught me in Season 3, Episode 12 near the beginning of the episode was from Hank Venture:

…he often speaks of the coming war between man and the Brotherhood of Machines…

This is a screen capture right before the line is mentioned, when Brock is mourning the loss of his Dodge Charger.


At the conclusion of Season 3, Episode 13 is when #24 is seemingly killed by a car bomb. His severed skull, only visible for a few frames looks oddly robotic.

venture_se3_ep13Or perhaps it is just the result of some quick animation work. But who knows.

I’m hoping that this is the harbinger of some Terminator-style fighting between man and machine. It would be a fitting addition to a show whose central theme involves failure and absurdity.

Written by Tijger Tsou

January 1st, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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  1. that’s a great thought. that would also make sense as to why the henchman keep saying they never die.


    23 Feb 09 at 6:05 pm

  2. I think your on to something there. The cells with #24’s head could well be quick animation, but they (the producers) love slipping in stuff like that. To make it even more probably, it segways well with the fact that Hank and Dean are seemingly immortal clones. Thus our favorite henchman are likeways immortal, though robotically. It is hard to be sure what Astrobase Go has planned for season #4, but if the previous three are any indications, we’re in for one hell of a ride.


    26 Feb 09 at 12:24 am

  3. Thanks guys… I thought I was going crazy here with this speculation. Mike, I watched “The Lepidopterists” again and realized that both #21 and #24 have an unusually high level of confidence in not getting killed on Spider Skull island. They were constantly taunting ‘#1’. Perhaps because they never expected on running into Brock Samson, but who knows.

    And yes Marik, the show is written fairly deeply. The writers/producers are pretty damn good at leaving enough loose ends for them to hitch on to at a later date if needed. After watching Season 1 again you see literally TONS of clues planted on how Hank and Dean were clones. It all started with “The Incredible Mr. Brisby” and with hindsight it becomes clear that Rusty’s complete nonchalance after the boys get incinerated at the end of the season has a perfectly clear explanation.

    The next time i have a chance i’ll watch through the episodes again and take count of how many times machines (from Guardo to HELPER and even the X-1) take abuse worthy enough to harbor anger against their creators.


    26 Feb 09 at 9:40 am

  4. I want henchmen 24 to live,…im not convinced he lived the the bomb. If you watch the rated version
    Helpers head lands in #21’s hands. If you look really close at the end of the unrated version it’s no doubt that it’s henchmen 24’s head windpipe and all. Maybe Doc Venture Clones him back for some reason. It would be beyond awesome to see # 21 and 24 working for Doc Venture for a episode or two.
    What I want more then anything and I hope somebody
    important out there in the world is listening is to see Brock and DR.Girlfriend fighting back to back on the same side. Even my 10 year old thinks that would be so awesome. Before you judge me my 10 year old has the education of a kid in Junior Highschool and loves the show. Id let him watch it even if he didn’t,…it brings us closer together.
    It would be sweet as honey to see a character based off of Bruce Cambell the not so B movie actor these days as well. Im looking for a super awesome desktop of DR.Girlfriend in as little clothing as possible,…if anyone has one email it to MLENYO@yahoo.com


    10 Apr 09 at 2:06 am

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