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Prada Flip-Flops

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I can think of better ways to spend $300

I can think of much better ways to spend $300

$300USD and up for a pair of Prada branded flip-flops?

Who… I mean who really buys this sort of crap?

Oh. This girl did apparently (article in Chinese).

Bonus points- she spent $80,000HDK (roughly $11500USD) on a shopping spree. Included in the tally was $1900HKD for a pair of Prada flip-flops.

Okay, so I blow a ton of money on camera gear and machine tools… but those things can be used to make other things. Plus both things hold their resell value pretty well in case I change my mind and say to myself “gee, that was stupid”. Flip-flops, belts, and Vertu mobile phones don’t really do too well in that department.

I am sooooo in the wrong line of work. Maybe I should put my machine tools to work making ridiculously expensive, exclusive thingies. Then I should take pictures of underfed models wearing them. Profit!

Written by Tijger Tsou

March 18th, 2009 at 8:00 am