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Explaning Taiwan & China’s Political Situation

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I have found myself having to try and explain the relationship that Taiwan and China share, and usually to other Americans. Of course I am oversimplifying the issue, but the scenario I have come up with is this:

  1. Imagine that the Confederacy (CSA) had won the American Civil War.
  2. Now imagine that the government of the United States of America had fled to Cuba and set up shop there (kicking out most of the native Cubans), with the new capital being in Havana.
  3. Lastly, imagine in this crazy situation that both governments to this day still exist, but haveĀ  continued strains on their relationships.

Does this make sense yet? Let’s do some substitutions so it does…

  • The Confederacy in this case would be akin to the Communist government of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Likewise, the USA government would be Taiwan, who fled their with a ragtag collection of military expats, businessmen, and intellectuals.
  • Lastly, the Cuban natives who were largely displaced would be the various indigenous tribes that inhabited Taiwan before the “mainlanders” showed up.

So now this makes a lot more sense right? Of course, I realize that this is not a 100% correct analogy, but it holds up well for ‘elevator speech’ and ‘raging bar conversation’, and now ‘totally random web search’ material. Your mileage may vary, of course.